In the mood for a comfy skin: discover our nutrition serum!

Autumn, a crucial time for your skin

Throughout the year, the seasons punctuate the life of your skin. It is especially during transition periods that it can show signs of dehydration, dryness, redness etc…. Autumn is the transition phase by excellence! The skin is particularly subjected to severe stress during this season.  During this period, your epidermis must make a greater effort to adapt. Contrary to popular belief, it is easier for the skin to tolerate extreme temperatures in winter and summer, as long as they are constant.

The nutrition serum, your strong ally for this season!

A precious care oil for dry and mature skin, our nourishing serum will help your skin to regain all its comfort by offering a cocktail of essential ingredients to face the season’s change. But what are the active ingredients that make our nutrition serum one of your best allies for this fall?

For whom?

Some skins suffer more particularly when the extreme cold arrives… The nutrition serum is suitable for the most sensitive skins and is the ideal ally for dry or mature skins!

A cocktail of essential ingredients:

Antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids… The nourishing serum is one of our most complete serums!

– To nourish in depth

Highly concentrated in essential fatty acids, it will intensely repair your skin and provide it with immediate comfort! Hemp and apricot kernel oils will deeply nourish your skin: it is instantly softer and your feelings of discomfort disappear!

– To prevent skin ageing

Evening primrose and borage oil will prevent skin ageing and restore your skin’s suppleness, ideal when our skin lacks firmness!

– To promote cell regeneration

Cellular regeneration plays an essential role in the skin’s repair process. The essential oils of verbena, sage, catnip and chamomile, combined with tiger grass extract, will naturally repair the areas weakened by the change of season. The vitamins in our nutrition serum will also help to repair your skin!

– To give radiance to your skin

Carrot oleoresin will bring you radiance: invigorated, your skin looks younger and you look radiant!

How to apply it?

You can apply your nourishing serum during the day on a perfectly cleansed skin to protect and bring comfort to your skin and at night to promote cell regeneration (between 11pm and 4am) and repair fragile areas. Whatever the time of application, we advise you to do alternating movements from bottom to top in order to optimize the penetration of the active ingredients.

Why do we love him so much?

Its dry oil texture penetrates very easily and does not leave an oily veil on your skin. Chamomile and verbena essential oils, combined with hemp oil (commonly called cannabis), bring you a real emotional well-being. Naturally perfumed with oils, its delicate smell will charm many!

Gisele’s tip

This nourishing oil can also be applied to hands and hair. Apply a few drops on cuticles and lengths to deeply nourish and repair.

So, convinced? Try it for yourself and let us know what you think.

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